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All that you will need in the palm of your hand, when visiting North Cyprus!

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Get The Kibkom "KIBAPP" (with or without Chilli Sauce!) FREE! The essential app travel guide to North Cyprus. You will have access of information and maps to North Cyprus Tourist sites, Events, Restaurants, Discounts, Government Office Locations, News and much more...

It includes access to the online Kibkom Business and Telephone Directory for Northern Cyprus and The Kibkom Online North Cyprus Forum as well as The Kibkom Times; a weekly local newspaper for Northern Cyprus. The Kibapp also provide you with an upto date feed of the latest news and events in The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus; recommended restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions with maps, times and contact details. A must have App for anyone visiting or living in North Cyprus!

Interactive Maps

Find out what's nearby instantly when in North Cyprus. See what hotels, sights, restaurants, bars, and clubs are in an area and access reviews from the map. You'll never have to fumble through paper maps again. Have quick access to Addresses and Telephone numbers of businesses and use your smart phone to route your journey.

MAp of North Cyprus Kibkom Kibapp App Travel Guide

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Access to The Kibkom North Cyprus Forum

Find out what's happening in North Cyprus. Join, the 6,000 + strong, members on the forum and ask questions or contribute to answers. The best and most active forum in North Cyprus, with currently over 30,000 topics posted and approx 10 new members joining each day.

Read the weekly North Cyprus News

There is also a separate kibapp newsfeed where by you can receive the latest North Cyprus news throughout the week.

Full access to the Kibkom Telephone Directory

The Kibkom Business and Telephone directory has over 90,000 local people listed and 10,000 north Cyprus businesses. Need to find someone's telephone number in North Cyprus then just do a name search. Want to know the telephone number for a business in the TRNC then simply search by town, business category or name - this makes the Kibapp a powerful tool in just the palm of your hand. More people and businesses are registering on a daily basis, our database continues to grow.


The kibapp will continue to grow so keep checking, tell your friends and family to join in and download this invaluable free app.


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